We’re here when you need us!

Our mobile repair and weatherization services make it easy for you to keep your RV in top condition. Our traveling techs will meet you anywhere in Columbus or southwest Ohio. Just text or call 937-751-6567 and we’ll be there to help you out.

Mobile Repair Services

Keep your camper road ready.

There’s nothing worse than a broken
camper during vacation. Don’t get caught hanging out on the side of the road or canceling your camping trip last minute because the AC’s not working. Keplinger’s mobile repair services are a fast and efficient way to get your RV in working condition and back on the road in no time.


Let us repair your mechanical issues.




AC Units

Hot Water Heaters

New Battery

+ Other Minor Maintenance problems

(ie flat tire, broken awning, damaged windshield wipers)


Before the flakes start to fly, make sure your camper is winter ready. Make an appointment with us and we’ll come to you to ensure your RV’s prepared for the cold months. Cost is $150 per camper.

If you own an RV or are renting one, make sure you always have our number in your back pocket—it could mean the difference between making s’mores next to a lake and sleeping in a rest stop.